Quality Policy

KİPAŞ management assures that the following principles, which will be regularly improved and updated, will be notified to and understood by its employees.

  • Offering Electromechanical Installation Services in line with national and international standards and regulations,
  • Continually improving without any compromise from quality,
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of the customers to the extent possible and implementing an approach of exceeding them,
  • Completing the contractual services in a timely manner with a competent time management,
  • Working with the suppliers and subcontractors with mutual trust and shared objectives,
  • Working with an administrative team focused on sharing and team spirit,
  • Ensuring that our social responsibilities are among our service priorities,
  • Complying with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations and minimizing the risks in our business areas,
  • Minimizing waste and taking the necessary measures to prevent environmental pollution with a green approach.